Active Dogs Walks

Elvaston Castle

Elvaston Castle is our favourite place to walk and is a dog friendly place. It has everything we love.

The car park backs onto a huge field, ideal for dog ball games and a good game of chase. This makes a good starting point for Sketch and Scribble to blow off any pent up energy they may have.

Then a short walk into the grounds brings you to the woods and lake. Sketch and Scribble love to run around sniffing in the nooks and crannies, smelling out a squirrel or two and following the scent of a rabbit.

Elvaston Castle is very popular with dog walkers, enjoy a chat with another dog owner while the dogs play.

The lake has a circular walk around with places for them to have a swim, although Sketch would prefer to watch Scribble having a splash. As you can imagine there are plenty of ducks and geese around too.

Next to the lake is the Castle and Court Yards where you can stop and have a coffee and cake or in the Summer an ice-cream. I often find this a very much needed break.

From here you can wander around the gardens at the back of the Castle. There is a large old English walled garden well worth a wander around with your dog on their lead.

This is not a place to walk your dog in the school holidays as it is very popular with families having picnics and playing games, Sketch and Scribble find it too difficult to not steal any food or join in with a ball game.